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An important group of Hydrolab products are controllers that provide control and measurement and steering control functions in water purification systems. Hydrolab brand controller is the heart of the whole system. It supervises its work and provides a basic interface for communication between the user and the device. Appropriate software and intuitive operation of the control panel is able to make the operation of the devices more enjoyable to our customers.



The computer software we provide gives the user not only the ability to configure basic information, but also a visualisation of the measured parameters in the form of a graph, which can then be archived. We are currently working intensively on equipping our devices with WiFi modules and creating a mobile application. That would allow systems to enter the fashionable concept of IoT (Internet of Things).


All Hydrolab controllers are equipped with conductivity meters, i.e. devices enabling the measurement of the electrical conductivity of water. Our conductivity meters are equipped with automatic switching of the measuring range depending on the currently measured value. In addition, conductivity meters have a built-in water temperature measurement. So there is the possibility of temperature compensation of the conductivity measurement result. This has a very significant impact on its value. We introduce many innovative approaches to conductivity measurements. That is i.a. the conductivity cell with an analogue cell constant and the measurement using a digital conductivity probe.

Total Organic Carbon TOC

Accurate conductivity measurements allow you to build an organic carbon content analyser (TOC – Total Organic Carbon). The organic carbon TOC content is determined as the difference between the total carbon TC content and the inorganic carbon TIC content. Hydrolab’s research and development department conducts intensive works aimed at developing methods for measuring the TOC parameter. Our priority is to make the measurement possible on-line (in flowing water). 

Flow rate

An important parameter subject to measurements is also the water flow rate. Thanks to the knowledge of the value of this parameter, we are able to perform such functions as: volumetric dosing, time dosing, digital rotameter (flow meter) and a digital meter of used or produced water.


Another important measurement parameter for our controllers is pressure. Pressure measurements allow the system pressure to be monitored, and the same for the initial diagnostics of the system operation. In addition, pressure measurement can be used to determine the fill level of both gravity and pressure tanks.

We try to use modern and certain technical solutions in our controllers. We focus on continuous development of production technology as well as measurement techniques and methods. In most of our devices it is possible for users to set both time and threshold alarms. They inform about the need to replace used consumables. Our main goal is customer satisfaction with our products. That is why we strive to maintain the highest possible quality of our products.

As part of our research and development activity, we have created and are constantly developing laboratory facilities. Focusing on continuous development, we actively use the knowledge of the available scientific facilities. We are open to all constructive comments, as well as to new challenges. Our goal is to constantly improve current products and create new ones that meet the expectations of our customers.

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