Hydrolab is a Polish company with over 20 years of experience in the market. We are a well-organized, modernly managed enterprise. We manufacture laboratory demineralizers, designed in accordance with the guidelines of Polish and European standards, using the latest water purification technologies – mechanical filtration, adsorption, iron removal, softening, deionization, membrane techniques, and using electrodeionization or UV radiation 185/254 nm. 

By analyzing the needs of our clients, in accordance with the guidelines of standards and available technology, we can plan the entire water management in the laboratory, with full qualification documentation. Our employees of the design and construction office and the laboratory are experienced staff of chemists, automation specialists and programmers, taking care of a professional and wide range of devices. Hydrolab currently offers over one hundred models of water purification devices. Based on our extensive experience and research, we design and supply devices that respond to the current needs of our users – clients. We have also created a number of unique and innovative solutions that complement the basic offer.

Both in Poland and abroad, our products operate in analytical laboratories as well as in dental and cosmetic surgeries, as well as in the electronics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Hydrolab offers comprehensive services related to quick and convenient acquisition of the highest quality water by laboratories , provides consultancy in matters related to demineralized water supply, ensuring complete and immediate service from planning to assembly, with full IQ, OQ, PQ qualification documentation. We also boast a very good reputation in the speed and quality of service of our devices.

The company has implemented and certified the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 in the design, production and service of water purification systems, which guarantees the high quality of products and services rendered.