Lamp UV

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The UV lamp enables effective and quick destruction of all types of bacteria. From this range these lamps are widely used in various homes as well as in facilities such as hotels, swimming pools or restaurants. The use of the application allows you to kill all living organisms in a fairly quick and simple way.



Thanks to the use of a UV lamp, there is practically no need to use any additional chemistry. The lamp completely fulfills its task, destroying bacteria, but also fungi with their spore forms and viruses. The use of a UV lamp is even more effective than other disinfecting treatments, such as chlorination. Bacteriological examination always lets you get rid of doubts about the effectiveness of the type of disinfection performed.

How does the UV lamp work?

It is a relatively simple device, which at the same time really works in practice. The lamp consists of a special tube, which is usually made of stainless steel and a radiator in its interior. To activate it, it is necessary to connect to a power source. At the same time, as you can easily see, the lamp can be used almost anywhere where we have a power outlet.

The radiation produced by the lamp should have a wavelength of 185 to 254 mm. Because such low-pressure radiation is best suited for bactericidal purposes. The lamp works in such a way that by connecting it to the power supply, it begins to flow through it with water, which we then want to use – for example at specific points of its consumption, i.e. taps.

The water that flows through the lamp is properly exposed by means of UV rays, and thus is purified of various types of microorganisms. The UV lamp turns out to be effective even in the case of coliforms or Clostridium Perfringens. The disinfection intensity increases with the power of the lamp in the lamp.

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