Hydrolab's water purification deviced are fed by tap water of a different quality. By several protection methods and process stages, we are able to provide the highest quality water for laboratory purposes. All of the stages are controlled, monitored and archivized, so the service is effective, and its costs optimalized.

Correct system performance relies on a regular service and maintenance, as well as good communication between the user and an authorized service point.



Standard replacement of disposable materials is performed by the user.

Hydrolab's devices inform the user, when the disposables will expire. The replacement may be performed manually by the user, and the materials are delivered 24 hours after a request.


Service contract

Service contract ensures the User, that the device inspection will be performed regurarly on a planned time, guaranteeing stable and efficient system work.

We also extend the warranty and provide extra discounts.


Periodic inspection

All maintenance and service procedures can be planned individually with the user.


Service calls

Our service is able to react in a time that does not exceed 24 hours.

Service procedures are adjusted individually to the user's requirements and needs.

We guarantee our service protection all over the country.


Periodic inspection

Inspection in the Hydrolab Service Department is time and cost effective.

Hydrolab Service Department is responsible for the collection and delivery logistics.

We provide a substitute system for the inspection time.



Hydrolab's service guarantees full range of qualification process: installation (IQ), operational (OQ) and process (PQ). It is documented and made by Hydrolab.


Modernization and improvement

The user's requirements may change over time. Thus, we are constantly improve current devices. We also design and build demi water network.


Protection, monitoring, inspection

We guarantee constant service protection during the warranty and post-warranty period, and full documentation (for example for an audit purpose).

Zapewniamy stałą opiekę serwisową zarówno w okresie gwarancyjnym jak i pogwarancyjnym oraz pełną aktualną dokumentację np. dla celów audytu.

Each user has access to the Registration Card, made individually for every device made by Hydrolab, containing all necessary information (parameters, services, disposables deliveries, installations etc.)